Do you need a notary public in
Clark County, WA?

Hi there.  My name is Jared King, and I'm not just your neighbor, I'm also a mobile notary.  Do you need a notary available to you on your schedule at your location?  I'll be happy to come to you as far north as Kalama and as far east as Stevenson.

Why do I need a notary?

  • Are you forming a business as a partnership, an LLP or LLC with two or more people involved?  A notary can certify to and attest that those who are signing the document are who they say they are.  We would all like to think that all of our ventures are going to go smoothly and people are who they represent themselves to be, but it isn't always the case.  Having a notarized signature provides an added layer of protection for you against fraud and breach of contract so that you can focus on just getting your business done.
  • Are you buying a piece of real estate/car/business?  A notary can protect you, ensuring that the person who is representing themselves as the seller is truly who they say they are.  You don't want to pay for a house/car/business, only to find out that it's not yours because it was never the other party's to sell.  Because it holds weight as a durable, legal signature, notarization protects you from being fraudulently conned out of all of your money
  • Are you selling a piece of real estate/car/business?  A notary can protect you, ensuring the seller is who they say they are and preventing you from being embroiled in the legal hassles that go along with signing a contract with a person falsely representing themselves.  Yours and their notarized signature will provide you greater protection should need to litigate arise.
  • Do you need to provide for medical or financial Power of Attorney?  Whether it is limited or durable, if you would like to appoint another individual to have power of attorney to care for your financial issues, or you want to have the protection of a trusted person over-seeing your medical care in case of decreasing health or severe injuries, to have a strong legal status and to allow your wishes to be executed by them without serious delay (if they are able to at all), you need to have your signature notarized for your own protection.