Notary Fees

What is a fair payment for a notary?  The state of Washington sets the allowed fee for a notarization, which is $10.  A notary cannot charge you more than this for his or her signature and stamp by law.  However, it is allowable for a notary to charge for his appointment time and travel.  I have set my fees to be as competitive as possible, while still worth my time and gas.  However, if I have another appointment in the same area within a short period of time, I will gladly discount your appointment fee 25%.  Need notary services on a frequent basis?  Contact me, and I'll work with you.  I'm also willing to barter or trade my mobile notary services if you have something that I would value.

Fees are listed on a per appointment basis:

First notarization: $10.00
Second through fifth notarization: $7.50
Sixth and above notarizations: $5.00

Apostille and/or Certificate of Authority completed and submitted by me: $25.00

Travel/Appointment fees:
If you come to me: $10.00
Vancouver (south of 99th Street and east of 164th Avenue): $15.00
Rural Vancouver area (north of 99th Street or east of 164th Avenue): $20.00
Camas, Ridgefield: $25.00
La Center: $30.00
Battle Ground, Washougal: $35.00
Woodland, Skamania: $40.00
Kalama: $45.00
Stevenson: $60.00